Error de CodeSign de iOS 5.1 y Xcode 4.3.1

I just downloaded the iOS 5.1 and the Xcode 4.3.1. But when I'm going to test in my device, the Xcode give me the error:

Error de CodeSign: se requiere la firma de código para el tipo de producto 'Aplicación' en el SDK 'iOS 5.1'

¿Alguna de idea de cómo arreglarlo?

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Sorry, I have to ask. Are your provisioning profiles set up and installed? -

Sure. The error was shown after installation of iOS 5.1 -

Alright well then +1 I can't seem to get my Xcode to generate the same problem. Good Luck! -

Btw, iOS 5.1 update erased developer profiles on my device and I had the same error message in Xcode. Have you checked for profiles after update? -

You mean the iPad "Provisioning Profiles"? Yes, it is like before the update. -

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Try assigning your provision code in every fields like the below picture. I had same issue after upgrading to the iOS 5.1 and the Xcode 4.3.1, but it started working fine after I tried this.

assign all provisions like this just once. (or try changing "any SDK" to "iOS5.1" enter image description here

Previously, I was doing like this. enter image description here

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Thanks for the help, but I already solve this. +1 for the attention. ;-) - user1126886

@jj0b, Just change the iOS Deployment Target to iOS 5.1,; - user1126886

Also thing to you, @Aky. - usuario1126886

@Non Umemoto: Thanks. Solved it for me. Was doing my head in. - Así que sobre eso

that is not really solving it now is it. What you have done is cut out all devices with lower IOS's, which in my opinion is a no-go. Support for "as old as you can go" is my personal take. also Non Umemoto's answer is correct, you have just wrongly put some codesigning. - renevdkooi

You should revoke your certificate and make a new certificate request from Keychain access. make new certificate and install it. you don't really need to create new provision profile the existing one modify and select the certificate newly created but you must download updated provision profile and install to xcode.

everything works perfectly for me. hope this could hlep.

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