¿Cómo usar variables en una sintaxis similar a un comando vim?

I want to write a function that can map a key to another function.

But I failed to insert the variables into map mando:

map a:key :! a:action (en el cual a:key puede ser <F9>, <C-F9> y así)

How to achieve this in vim command-like sentences?

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Just for checking whether there is another way to go about this, what are you trying to achieve with this? -

I want to write a function to map shortcut keys according to the file type. And I think it's better to make a function to avoid same code lines. -

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If I understand your question correctly, you're looking for execute.

:execute "map " . a:key . " :!" . a:action

Vea :help :execute del mismo año, para obtener más información.

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