Insertar en la tabla de SQL Server no me da nada

Very frustrating one... I have tried many combinations of ', " and so on but my insert command just refreshing the page.

¿Qué estoy haciendo mal?

Simple two text fields form with button. Under button I have this:

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["przychodniaConnectionString1"].ConnectionString);

string cmdStr = "INSERT INTO specyfik(speNazwa, speIlosc) values ('" + speNazwa.Text + "', '" + speIlosc.Text + "')";
SqlCommand insertCmd = new SqlCommand(cmdStr, con);

Zero errors while compiling and when testing, it seems like refreshed page. Nothing appears in db.

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No necesitas llamar insertCmd.ExecuteNonQuery() ?

SqlCommand insertCmd = new SqlCommand(cmdStr, con); 
int row_affected = insertCmd.ExecuteNonQuery();

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You need to execute your SqlCommand:


Also, you should look into parameterizing that query:

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I need some way to +1 again the parameterizing sentence. - damien_el_incrédulo

Thank you! A habbit from php I guess, because I thought that SqlCommand insertCmd = new SqlCommand(cmdStr, con); will do a job ;) - dargod

Will you like to make more improvements in your code using stored Proc and improvemnet in your code behind file ? Take a look at this answer...

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