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I am using *file_get_contents* to get some remote text, and the text contains left/right double quoted text such as “Green Slime”.

*file_get_contents* returns this text as �Green Slime�.

Looking at the remote source, the “” characters are literal, not entity codes. There is no character set definition in the source.

Is there a context that I can add to *file_get_contents* to correct this? If not, how can I *str_replace* these characters?

EDIT: Obvious solutions like htmlentities() and str_replace() do not work. I also get the same characters returned when using cURL.

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How about htmlentities? I am not sure. Have you tried that? -

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HTML Entities.

This will solve you problem and fix the output.

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htmlentities does not convert them. - user191688

solía ord() to determine that these characters are chr(147) and chr(148), then used str_replace( Chr(147), "&#147", $str ).

Not sure why both file_get_contents and curl return this content in a way that can't be displayed in a browser.

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Put this immediately under the head tag:

<meta charset="utf-8">

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I already have that in my page. I Can't change the remote page. - user191688

You can use a string replacer then to replace those parenthesis with some others for example: $s = str_replace('“', '"', $s); echo $s; - sm13294

Look into utf8_decode/encode functions

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UTF-8 isn't the only charset with these quotes. - Ignacio Vázquez-Abrams

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