¿Cómo puedo obtener los archivos xml de los modelos para la detección de objetos?

I'm having a big troubles with the libraries that I have to use in my project . whenever I tried one of the libraries , a problem appears and I don't have so much time to get lost for all this time :( my project is "Image Understanding" so I need a "feature extraction" & "image segmentation " & "Machine learning" after reading , it turned out the " SVM " is the best one and I want some code to build mine on it and start off .

1- first I looked at "Aforge & Accord" and there was an example named "SupportVectorMachine" but it's not on images .

2- I found a great example in "EmguCV" named "LatentSvmDetector" and it detected any image of cat I tried it !! but the problem was in the xml file ! I just wanted to know how they got it ! and I couldn't find a simple answer actually I asked you here and no body answers me :(

[link] ¿Cómo extraer características de la imagen para clasificación y reconocimiento de objetos?

3- I found an example uses opencv here in this site

[link] http://www.di.ens.fr/~laptev/download.html but the same problem : xml file ?!!! I tried to take the xml file of this example and tried in the "EmguCV" example but it didn't work either .

4- in all the papers that I read they're using "ImageNet" & "VOC PASCAL" , I downloaded them and they're not working !! errors in the code of the tool !! and I've fixed them all but yet they're not compailing , those tool are written in "Matlab" here's my qusetion on this site : [link] Error de enlace de Matlab Mex32 al compilar Felzenszwalb VOC en Windows for god sake can anybody tell me what should I do ?! I'm running out of time , need your help ! thanks.

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I'm not sure, because I never used SVM (but used haartraining) but I think that they have trained the detector using a program that outputs a xml file at the end of the training. I have made a quick search and found this enlace (opencv doc about svm training) and this enlace (a post with a example). I hope that it helps you and give some light.

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actually the example you gave me is exactly what I need ! but I'm still having problems with it , because of the " cmake " can you help or I have to post another question for it ? - Seguro

Which problem you have with the cmake? If possible, please show the output. I'll try to help :) - cyberdecker

I post it as a question here [link] stackoverflow.com/questions/9742052/… - Seguro

MATLAB supports xml files - both reading and writing. Try:

 xmlfile = fullfile(matlabroot, 'path/to/xml/file/myfile.xml');
 xDoc = xmlread(xmlfile)

If you don't have xmlread function they you can try this toolbox: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/4278-xml-toolbox

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It's not a reading problem but I'm asking if anyone knows how they got it in all those tools ? - Seguro

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