php simple html dom no analiza en wamp

I installed Wordpress on latest WAMP and it works fine, so php itself works on local wamp setup. However, when I execute php simple html dom page, all i get is the source code of the php page displayed, except the php tags themselves and their contents.

¿Cómo arreglar esto?

preguntado el 10 de marzo de 12 a las 16:03

what does your simply php page look like? How are you calling it? -

Are you calling it via localhost, or trying to access it as a file? Accessing it as a file would yield exactly the results you describe. -

I'm calling it via localhost. All i can see is the code after open php tags -

The problematic server could possibly not support short-tags "<?". Try replacing them with "<?php". Or, if I am wrong, could you please elaborate on what you are calling, maybe post the code in question and overall explain what you are doing in details? -

This is the code: <?php include('simple_html_dom.php'); $html = file_get_html('');?> <? echo $html->find('th', 1)->plaintext;?> -

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