Filtrado de elementos de una Lista

Say you want to filter elements out of a List. Running this code triggers something like a concurrency exception as the list is being modified during the loop:

List<String> aList = new ArrayList<String>();

// Add instances to list here ...

for( String s : aList ){
    if( "apple".equals( s ) ){ // Criteria

What is the conventional way of doing this and what other approaches do you know of?

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best way is to use iterator.remove()

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For your case, you can simply use a solution without any iteration manually done (removeAll takes care about this):


It removes all "apple" elements from the list.

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Agree with the above two if you're iterating or have a collection of simple elements. If your condition or objects are more involved, consider Apache Commons CollectionUtils' filter method, which allows you to define a predicate encapsulating your condition and which is then applied to each element of the collection. Given your collection aList and a predicate applePredicate, the method of invocation would then be:

org.apache.commons.collections.CollectionUtils.filter(aList, applePredicate);, org.apache.commons.colecciones.Predicado)

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