Superfish sf-problema de barra de navegación en Internet Explorer 7,8,9

I am using Superfish menu for my DNN website and applying sf-navbar as a class for ul by using jquery in superfish.js. I think this is not a right way to include it! However, I have also defined the superfish-navbar.css in menudef.xml.

The second problem is when the menu loads in any browser, for some seconds it show white colour as a border on each li items in the menu. I am not able to figure out where is this problem coming from.

This are the links to my website: y

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On superfish.css, line 62, you are having .sf-menu a cuál es el problema.

This is how I tracked it:

  1. Open chrome
  2. Disable javascript in chrome
  3. ir
  4. right click any item in menu and click no inspect element.

enable javascript again when you get this fixed. Let me know if you need more help.

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it worked for me. I did that on my localhost but still I need to update on my real skin file. thanks - Siddharth Pandey

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