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I am not sure how it is done, therefore my questions below:

I would like to ask folks on Twitter for a suggestion on a particular topic. Can I tell them to use certain hashtag and have all comments with that hashtag posted on my site?

Do I just pick a hashtag or does it need to be created somehow?

Can I have users on my site rate those suggestions? In that case, would I need to somehow grab twitter message and store locally?

Just trying to understand the process in order to implement it.

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Hashtags don't have to be created - just use it in tweet.

In order to get all tweets with particular hashtag, use search API: and search for this hashtag. You should save all relevant tweets (twitter search is not reliable on old tweets).

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Cool. I guess I could write some script that will add a message ID and then some script run via crone job to check if particular ID is saved and if not, save it. And on a separate page I can output messages from my db... something like this. Thanks. - de santa

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