Python: comunicación en serie; función de sueño

I have been trying to send some data from python to a FPGA for processing. Due to some constraints on the receiving side, i had to introduce a sleep.

El código es el siguiente:

for rowNum in range(640):  
    for colNum in range(480):  
        for depth in range(64):  
            x = ser.write(imageArray[depth][colNum][rowNum])  

The size of the data I am sending is 640*480*64 at a baud rate of 115200bps. Ideally, it should take, (640*480*64 ms + 640*480*64*10/115200 seconds which is ~6 hours) The *10 is because of the number of bits in my one byte.

But, my transfer is taking more than 24hours. Any idea why this is happening? The reception side has no problems.


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How long does it take if you comment out the ser.write() line? That'll tell you whether the problem lies with ser.write() o en algún otro lugar. -

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