Oracle consulta auto-unión?

I've simplified this example but hopefully the example provides enough substance to make sense.

If I have a table such as the following...

---- ----- 
 A     1
 B     1
 C     1
 D     2
 E     2
 F     3
 G     4

... and I am provided items A, B, D and F, I would like to contruct a query that will return those details along with the additional items in the associated groups, C and E.

It seems that I should be able to do some sort of inner join but I'm not clear on how it could be done. It would be best if this were done in a single query due to the constraints of the environment.

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what result you are expecting? -

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If I understand you correctly, this would work.

SELECT item,
  FROM table_name
 WHERE grroup_num IN (SELECT group_num
                        FROM table_name
                       WHERE item IN ('A', 'B', 'D', 'F'))

You could also write it as an EXISTS

SELECT item,
  FROM table_name a
                 FROM table_name b
                WHERE a.group_num = b.group_num
                  AND b.item IN ('A','B','D','F') )

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Perfect. This was what I was looking for. My actual implementation is much more complex but distilling the problem down to a simple question and solution really made the difference. Thanks much for your help! - McArthey

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