Imprima un objeto usando el depurador GDB por ID de objeto (es decir, 0xee63d60)

Is there a way to do a "po" or print object by the object's id/memory location? For instance if I have an object with id: 0xee63d60 can I show what is in that object? I know I can use:

(gdb) info malloc-history 0xee63d60

to get the StackTrace, which is very helpful but I would love to see what is in that object or even what it's name is.

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(lldb) po 0xee63d60 funciona para mi.

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Is that because you're using lldb instead of gdb? - mate hudson

Nope. I just tested in GDB, and I get the same result. - jose hinman

I believe if you are paused in a "break point" you can right-click an object and select Print Object. This should print out the "description" of the object. See +(NSString *)description of the NSObject class. You can override this method if you need something more specific.

Espero que esto ayude

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