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I have a requirement to split a large pdf document into smaller files based on the content of the file. We use BCL easyPDF to manipulate pdf files. easyPDF can split pdf documents based on a page number, but it cannot split the document based on the file content. Also it does not have a search function (as far as I can tell, if I am wrong please someone let me know.) to determine the location of the content.

Now can someone tell me how I can find the location of text in a pdf file using .net?

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yes but it should/is a community where we can help people who may be still learning the ins and outs of a language or protocol. We can try to point them in the right direction. -

Isn't PDF a sort of binary file? You cannot just parse it as text. A library is required -

I start out my year with my usual complaint. Why is this off topic ( I know the rules say it is) but its very useful, many of the preserved, 'best' questions (which you cannot find now I see) are of this nature. They represent the accumulated advice (aka wisdom) of many experienced devs -

The stupidity of these "off-topic" votes is mind-boggling. -

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Puede intentar Biblioteca Docotic.Pdf para tu tarea.

The library can extract text from PDFs (with or without formatting).

Or you could just retrieve a collection of words with their bounding rectangles from PDFs. This should help you to find location of the text in a file.

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You need a PDF library in .NET such as iText.Net.

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take a look at this question. there are links to some libraries that may satisfy your requirements

Cómo buscar programáticamente un documento PDF en c #

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