¿Cómo puedo usar i18n en un cuadro combinado usando struts2?

I have a form with a combobox to allow people select if they are a male or female. I want to change Hombre y Mujer for the same words in other language.

My actual combobox is:

<s:combobox readonly="true" key="sex" 
list="{'Male', 'Female'}" value="Male" />

Is there a way to put this combobox in different languages?

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Finally, I found the solution. I have to implement an action that shows this jsp page with a list in its attributes and a getter.

public class Action extends ActionSupport {
    private List<String> genders = new ArrayList<String> ();

    public Action ()

    public String input() throws Exception {    
        return NONE;

Then in the jsp page, I use this attribute as the list needed in the combobox.

<s:combobox readonly="true" key="generos" list="genders"/>

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