¿Qué causa el error CRVAP0237E, cómo solucionarlo?

I got an Error saying:

An error occurred during a clearcase operation" 


CRVAP0237E Resource 'cc.repo.cc-activity:1225576@bd0e4b228d5e4e24b0e5a5a785af21': 
not found

Do you have any clue as the source of those errors?

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Este planteamiento de « CRVAP0237E error code is usually associated with ClearQuest (like in esta nota técnica por ejemplo).
So if your UCM project has also a ClearQuest link activated, that can be a lead.

It is also found for ClearCase when a resource has been renamed: technote swg1PM11476.
That means, it depends on your exact ClearCase version (since that particular bug has since then been fixed).

The fact that ClearCase refers to the activity by mentioning the id of the PVob (bd0e4b228d5e4e24b0e5a5a785af21), en vez de nombre of the PVob leads me to think that PVob is no longer available in your current environment, possibly because its name (tag) is no longer referenced in your current ClearCase region.

Necesitas comprobar si bd0e4b228d5e4e24b0e5a5a785af21 still matches one the the (p)vobs listed in <ClearCase server>/rgy/vob_object y <ClearCase server>/rgy/vob_tag.

You also need to mention the exact ClearCase operation you were doing when this error occurs (checkout? deliver? rebase?).

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checkout was the operation thanbsk for replying! - Go Bucks

@GoBucks so try setting another activity: cleartool setact aNewActivity@\yourPVob before trying your checkout again. - VonC

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