establecer una imagen de fondo con tkinter [cerrado]

I have a gui with buttons, labels, text boxes, etc., and I wanted to place it all on a background image (say Elvis's face), like a desktop. I'd like it so that the text boxes and labels don't block out the image, but rather the text sits on the image and the image remains fully visible. Any suggestions?

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OK, so given a few caveats, I've made this work. First off, I didn't bother trying to make it work with ttk widgets as I'm not up to speed on styles yet. Secondly, I know this will work for Windows and pretty sure it won't work on other platforms. All that said, the trick is to pop a Toplevel window (named overlay in my code) on top of your image configure it to have a transparent color (which is apparently only possible in Windows Tk) then put your widgets on the overlay and set their background to your transparent color (trans_color in my code). I also trap the root's <Configure> event to keep the overlay in place. For the image, I just right clicked your profile image and saved it to disk (naming it spice.png).

from Tkinter import *
#from ttk import *
from PIL import Image, ImageTk

trans_color = '#FFFFFE'

root = Tk()
img = ImageTk.PhotoImage('spice.png'))
img_label = Label(root, image=img)
img_label.img = img  # PIL says we need to keep a ref so it doesn't get GCed
overlay = Toplevel(root)
print 'root.geo=', root.geometry()
geo = '{}x{}+{}+{}'.format(root.winfo_width(), root.winfo_height(),
    root.winfo_rootx(), root.winfo_rooty())
print 'geo=',geo
overlay.wm_attributes('-transparent', trans_color)

lbl = Label(overlay, text='LABEL')

def moved(e):
    geo = '{}x{}+{}+{}'.format(root.winfo_width(), root.winfo_height(),
        root.winfo_rootx(), root.winfo_rooty())

root.bind('<Configure>', moved)


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