Tengo un bloqueo aparentemente imposible de rastrear con Ubuntu/Mono/C#. ¿Cómo puedo encontrarlo?

I've got a server program running on Ubuntu and it hangs after a few clients connect. The thing is, it only does it when not being debugged in the IDE. I can run it (the exact same debug binaries) from a command line, attach gdb to it, and it will hang, but gdb finds no problem. When I debug from MonoDevelop, however, it never hangs.

I am at a complete loss for how to proceed from here.

Does anyone know if Mono sets some flags or something I'm not aware of? I'm crucially blocked and completely frustrated.

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You probably have a race condition somewhere - MonoDevelop uses soft debugger, which slows execution down as a side effect, so the livelihood of a lock decreases. Or you can try this: http://www.mono-project.com/Debugging#Debugging_Unmanaged_Deadlocks

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That makes sense... I'll look into it. - Luis Ingenthron

Turns out the console IO buffer got clogged. Which apparently causes the program to simply hang. - Luis Ingenthron

Apparently, don't let the Console IO get clogged, because there are almost no indicators.

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