El enlace se representa como texto html sin procesar

I have a main page like this:

== Current Links ==
* [ TIREM Changelog]
* [ Bugzilla]
* [http://tempser.alionatigerabear.com/svn/Repository/ SubVersion]
* [ All open TIREM bugs]
* [http://tempser.alionatigerabear.com/svn/Repository/TIREM-3/trunk/html/index.html TIREM-3 API Documentation]
* [http://tempser.alionatigerabear.com/svn/Repository/TIREM-4/trunk/html/index.html TIREM-4 API Documentation]

When I click one of the bottom two links I get raw html source rather than a web page.

¿Qué estoy haciendo mal?

The other links work including the third one to the same server as the last.

preguntado el 03 de mayo de 12 a las 21:05

Check the server configuration for tempser.alionatigerabear.com for the "svn/Repository/TIREM-4/trunk/html" directory. 'Betcha it's misconfigured! -

This is not related to mediawiki. It seems your SVN server is configured to output HTML with a text MIME-type. -

It's svn - being annoying and doing what we told it to do. ;-) svn is just showing source. -

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Probably you have to set svn:mime-type property on the files of interest as described in el libro and suggested by svick.

contestado el 23 de mayo de 17 a las 13:05

Thanks for the link and directions. I'll test it tomorrow. - emsr

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