Patrón RegEx dos letras seguidas de seis números

Please assist with the proper RegEx matching any 2 letters followed by any combination of 6 whole numbers.

These would be valid: 

These would not

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What about "ABC1234567"; might it ever occur? -

There wouldn't be a case for more than two letters or 6 numbers. -

Will the "whole numbers" always be the Western Arabic numerals 0-9, or will there ever be other digits? -

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[a-zA-Z]{2} means two letters \d{6} significa 6 dígitos

If you want only uppercase letters, then:


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you forgot to start with ^, otherwise, if you have more than 2 letters, it will partially match. - fernando vieira

Podrías probar algo como esto:


Here is a break down of the expression:

[a-zA-Z]    # Match a single character present in the list below
               # A character in the range between “a” and “z”
               # A character in the range between “A” and “Z”
   {2}         # Exactly 2 times
[0-9]       # Match a single character in the range between “0” and “9”
   {6}         # Exactly 6 times

This will match anywhere in a subject. If you need boundaries around the subject then you could do either of the following:


Which ensures that the whole subject matches. I.e there is nothing before or after the subject.



which ensures there is a límite de palabras on each side of the subject.

As pointed out by @Phrogz, you could make the expression more terse by replacing the [0-9] para agendar una \d as in some of the other answers.


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@Phrogz haha, its a matter of preference i guess, i usually use \d, but i dunno i felt a little different today. I'll put some more effort in and update it for you. - Robbie

@Fergus no worries, i haven't answered anything in a few days, and i was feeling fired - Robbie

Really great catch on ^ and $ without those 2 the regex is NOT going to do what OP expects or wants. - Douglas Adolph

I depends on what is the regexp language you use, but informally, it would be:


dónde [:alpha:] = [a-zA-Z] y [:digit:] = [0-9]

If you use a regexp language that allows finite repetitions, that would look like:


The correct syntax depends on the particular language you're using, but that is the idea.

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[[:alpha:]] instead of [:alpha:] to find 2alpha and 6 digits [[:alpha:]]{2}[[:digit:]]{6} - stalin wesley

Depending on if your regex flavor supports it, I might use:

\b[A-Z]{2}\d{6}\b    # Ensure there are "word boundaries" on either side, or

(?<![A-Z])[A-Z]{2}\d{6}(?!\d) # Ensure there isn't a uppercase letter before
                              # and that there is not a digit after

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Everything you need here can be found in esta guía de inicio rápido. A straightforward solution would be [A-Za-z][A-Za-z]\d\d\d\d\d\d or [A-Za-z]{2}\d{6}.

If you want to accept only capital letters then replace [A-Za-z] con [A-Z].

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