¿Qué significa "Habilitar marco de aplicación" para una aplicación WPF?

I'm creating a WPF application in VB.Net. I am trying to decide where my startup code should go. I seem to have two choices:

  1. Leave the "Enable Application Framework" box checked and choose a "Startup URI" from among the application's windows.
  2. Uncheck "Enable Application Framework" and choose to startup in my own Sub Main.

What are the implications of enabling or disabling the application framework, and why does the application framework restrict my choice of startup options?


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The startup option part of this question is addressed here: stackoverflow.com/a/68816744/3195477 -

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The Visual Studio magazine has un artículo about this. Here's an excerpt.

Visual Basic supports an "Application Framework" that makes it easier to manage the startup, shutdown, and exception management of an application. You enable or disable the application framework with a check box in the Project Properties. The application framework is part of the work Visual Basic does to make your development easier.

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