Mover trabajos entre ttys

Does someone know if it is possible to move a job between ttys?

Example: Starting a job at ttys004, pressing Ctrl+Z to detach it, typing bg 1 to move it to the background. Then I want to reach it from example ttys002.

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I don't think there is a way. The programs screen or tmux are usually used to achieve something like this. -

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don't think it is possible. you can use detectar if you want processes to de(attach). Para más información

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Yes, I know that I can use screen. But then I need to think before starting a job/process :) - brange

true. normally one doesn't de(attach) processes. If you have to exit from your shell use nohup redirecting stdout/stderr, so that if you want to watch can do tail/less - tuxuday

retty or reptyr te pueda ayudar.

Hay un esta respuesta on serverfault with more information.

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After having the job started no it is not possible, though if you start it as a daemon, maybe you could fg it when you switch tty (since it's inherited by init there is no reason you could not)

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