Pérdida de variables de sesión en asp.net

I have been researching this issue and trying to find a fix for this. When I create my session variables and then do a response.redirect(), im losing my session variable. Does anyone have a fix for this. I have tried the following and still no success.

response.redirect("site", false)


Aquí está mi código:

Session("Config") = drop_config.SelectedValue
Session("Weight") = radOutput.SelectedValue
Session("QNHUnits") = radQNH.SelectedValue


Note: I seeing that this only happens in IE not Fire Fox

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how did u create session variable? please show us some of your code -

So if you were to create a session, response.redirect to another page, and check that session, it would be gone? or are you doing anything else? -

Sounds like your session cookies are being wiped out. -

What are the items you had set for drop_config, radOutputY radQNH? You can just add items, but not values, thus the Session variables might be set to null. Also, if you set a break point on Response.Redirect, do your session variable have values at that point? -

I assume the page you are redirecting to is in the same application as the one you are coming from and that you are not switching from http to https or anything? -

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