Error al instalar Pandas usando pip, Windows 7 64bit Python 3.2

I am trying to install the pandas library on Python 3.2 on Windows 7 64bit.

The pip log is here.

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I do not recommend trying to build pandas (or any Python library containing C extensions) on 64-bit Windows a menos que estás usando el Distribución de Python entusiasta (which comes bundled with a viable build environment) or you are in the mood for a yak shaving expedition (you would need to install the VS2008 SDK and do some finagling of Python's distutils config). You can find one-click binary installers for pandas 64-bit Python 3.2 on the Índice del paquete de Python.

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I tried using the binaries however when I run the nosetests I get alot of failures. - Reflujo

You need scipy to use those functions in pandas 0.7.3 (I've trimmed the scipy dependency for the next pandas release). You can find a binary installers for the latest SciPy here ( Note that installers from that page may require that you install his NumPy MKL build ( - wes mckinney

That worked. I originally didn't install it because it was listed as an optional dependency. Thanks for the help. - Reflujo

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