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I have been reading up on triggers, and I don't seem to be finding an example, that handles my situation. My situation is unfortunate. The previous DBA scattered redundant data throughout our database.

I'd like to update the company name in multiple other tables once the company name has been changed in my organiz table. I have this, but it doesn't seem to work:

CREATE TRIGGER updOrgNameTrigger
ON organiz

IF UPDATE(Org_Name_1)
    DECLARE @org_name varchar(256)
    SET @org_name = (select Org_Name_1 from organiz)
    UPDATE other_table set Org_Name_1 = @org_name
    UPDATE the_other_table set Org_name_1 = @org_name

¿Es posible lo que estoy tratando de hacer?

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How are these tables related? Are you really intending to update all rows in the other two tables? Is there only one row in each of the three tables? If so I would drop the other two tables and create synonyms or views instead. -

@AaronBertrand organiz tiene una clave primaria de org_id. other_table y the_other_table Ambos tienen org_id as a FK. -

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Your current trigger assumes that an update can only ever affect a single row; it also intends to update every single row in the other two tables with an arbitrary value from the source table (not necessarily the row that was updated!). You need to use the inserted pseudo-table to identify the row(s) that fired the trigger and to pull the new value(s) for the Org_Name_1 column. How about this version:

CREATE TRIGGER dbo.updOrgNameTrigger
ON dbo.organiz

    UPDATE o SET Org_Name_1 = i.Org_Name_1
      FROM dbo.other_table AS o
      INNER JOIN inserted AS i
      ON o.org_id = i.org_id;

    UPDATE o2 SET Org_Name_1 = i.Org_Name_1
      FROM dbo.the_other_table AS o2
      INNER JOIN inserted AS i
      ON o2.org_id = i.org_id;

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Thanks Aaron, I was unsure how to reference the inserted pseudo-table and foolishly didn't specify a what values to update. - etm124

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