instalar microsoft access 1.x en windows xp

I want to install access 1.x to open a mdb file of that type, but I can't install the program and it give me this error:

"install a Windows for Workgroups driver"

Somewhere in internet I find that you need to install from a diskette the odbc:

but I can't find that diskette nowhere!
What can I do? how can I open this mdb file?

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Don't... make.... it... worse.... with... a.... snarky.... comment.... -

Access 1.x dates from 1992. It was designed for 16 bit Windows 3.1. You have no chance of installing it on XP. -

Ok, how about Access 2.0, can i install it on xp? -

Just guessing, how about an emulator -

what version(s) of access do you have available? some of the newer ones will read the old data. -

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Well, today early morning, i was trying again with this and found that you can import the database using access 2007, like it written in this forum:

"Create a blank database and then use the import feature in the Tables to import the old mdb object. You may need to do little reformatting but you will see most of the data."

It add you the tables in the new database.

Thanks for the help :D.

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