Cómo generar todas las columnas con comillas dobles en la exportación csv usando vb.net

I generate csv content type export.

added columns like "A","B","C","D" by

columns = string.format("""{0}"",""{1}"",""{2}""","A","B","C")


the csv file was exported but the first column don't having the double quotes. i need double quote with every column. i tried so many ways with in that one of the way is working fine that is columns = string.format(" ""{0}"",""{1}"",""{2}""","A","B","C") -- put space before first column.

but i need result without space.

any one can help to fix this.

Código de muestra:

Public Class CSVExporter
    Public Shared Sub WriteToCSV(personList As List(Of Person))
        Dim attachment As String = "attachment; filename=PerosnList.csv"
        HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", attachment)
        HttpContext.Current.Response.ContentType = "text/csv"
        HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "public")


        For Each item As Person In personList

    End Sub

    Private Shared Sub WriteUserInfo(item As Person)
        Dim strb As New StringBuilder()

        AddComma(String.Format("""{0}""", item.Name), strb)
        AddComma(String.Format("""{0} """, item.Family), strb)
        AddComma(String.Format("""{0} """, item.Age.ToString()), strb)
        AddComma(String.Format("""{0:C2}""", item.Salary), strb)


    End Sub

    Private Shared Sub AddComma(item As String, strb As StringBuilder)
        strb.Append(item.Replace(",", " "))
        strb.Append(" ,")
    End Sub
    Private Shared Sub WriteColumnName()
        Dim str As String = """Name"", ""Family"", ""Age"", ""Salary"""
    End Sub
End Class

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I'm not sure I follow. Your first example string.format("""{0}"",""{1}"",""{2}""","A","B","C") producido "A","B","C", but you say the first column didn't have double-quotes. But it did. Can you clarify the issue a little bit? -

once i put space before first column(" ""{0}"") - i can see the first column with quotes in csv file. -

the string format result also correct. like (""A","B","C""). please help to fix this. -

I could only guess that the HttpContext classes somehow don't like that first double-quote when creating that attachment. -

yes you are rite. but how to fix it? it's look like a simple thing but it's already taken my 6 hrs. :) -

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