Color de la imagen diferente del dispositivo Mac y iOS

I've read some solutions about this color differences but they haven't worked. I tried taking a screenshot from my iphone and compare it to the simulator image or the image in the prview tool and its the same color, only when I see it on the device it looks different.

I'm using SDK 5.1 on XCode 4.3

How can I fix this ?? Thanks in advance.

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OS X System Preferences tiene un Displays section where you can adjust the screen colors (I don't know whether that's safe to apply others than "Profiles for this display")enter image description here

You can either try to use another profile, calibrate the screen or to google more taking this preferences pane into consideration.

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Thanks for your answer, guess I`ll keep looking. - Rafael Jimeno

Sure, please update us if you find something interesting, an interesting article about the ios/mac colors i've read today is… - Viva

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