phpBB no encuentra mysql antes de la instalación

I 'm trying to install phpBB 3. I have already set up my webserver and MySQL and tested them. But in the Database configuration of phpBB there is no MySQL as Database type. I can see only MS SQL Server. It is like I have not MySQL installed. Why is this happening? Can someone help please?

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Does PHP show MySQL support in phpinfo()? -

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verify with


that MySQL extension is loaded , server is up and running.
Rebuilding config file
Try following this basic guide

are you usng any other webserver other than Apache??

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Thanks. I ll try this. It is up and running, I checked this! - Olga Anastasiadou

The config.php that downloaded with phpBB is empty! There is nothing to change! Any idea? - Olga Anastasiadou

leer el Archivo de configuración section into the guide, the config file for phpbb3 is generated when you install it. - Gntem

But this is my problem. I want to install it with MySql but I can't. There is no MySql option in Database Configuration through the installation. - Olga Anastasiadou

I 'm using Apache webserver and with phpinfo I verified that mysql exists. Thanks for your time, but I quit trying this cause I didn't find a solution. I can't figure it out. As for rebuilding config.php I think that there is no point, cause it is not even configured once. phpBB is not installed. Again, thanks for your help. - Olga Anastasiadou

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