Lista de todos los nombres de calles y carreteras en Google en API

Am doing a location based app.When using GPS, it provides with street names from Google API. When user need to enter it manually, for a autocomplete text view am in need of names of all street and roads in Google API. Where could i get all street and roads name which google API provides when using GPS? I ve searched everywhere but in vain :( Thanks in advance.

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As far as I can find, Google does not provide a database of street names for public download, but this site does: Abrir Mapa de calles

These databases are available for free download. They contain geographical information about the whole planet. I hope you find them useful.

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The Google Places API suggests search results for city/street names etc. which you can use for an AutoCompleteTextView.

Here is a running Demostración de JS for testing the results.

Because your using Maps API V3, here is the reference to google.maps.places.Autocompletar

Aquí you can find an API for Android.

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Thanks above :) Actually I found an another way too.. the names of the streets and roads in xml returned by google api are marked as "route".. so I parsed the xml having type="route" to get only road and street names!!

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please provide an example. - Veaceslav Gaidarji

Please explain how you did it! - Alexandr

Google API [documentation] ( menciona que ruta cannot be used in the request. It states this: Note: The types below are not supported in the type filter of a place search, or in the types property when adding a place. - sridharraman

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