La vista de problemas indica que el proyecto no se puede compilar hasta que se resuelvan los errores de ruta

I'm using Eclipse Indigo IDE, and upon changing my project compliance level to JDK 1.7, it gives me a red exclamation over the java project file, and doesn't compile any of my source code. Is there any any way to solve this problem?

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why you changed it to 1.7 version ? -

Most likely yes. See in the "Markers" view el porqué the red exclamation is there. -

What is the details of the error? What does the Problems view tell you about it? -

The problems view states that project cannot be build, until path errors are resolved. -

Es que el , solamente thing it says? Do you actually have a 1.7 JRE set up with the Installed JREs Preference Page? -

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I think you have a problem of JDK, you specify in your IDE a jdk who don't exist in your computer. Install it !

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Click right on your project and properties after look at 'project facets' and change Java compiler. I hope help you.

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Did what you said, but I still have that problem - rIshab1988

Then, write your question well. This is a bad question. - hekomóvil

The responses before are correct, but you need to apply both of them.

1º- You need install jvm 1.7 in your system and configure it in Eclipse. 2º- Go to Project properties-> Compile and select version 1.7 3º- In project properties->project facets select Java compiler 1.7

Espero ayudarte.

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My workspace default is 1.6, and it doesn't seem to be working. I did what you said. - rIshab1988

What type of project did you created? Dynamic Web, Java Project, Maven Project??? - marcosca

Please check whether your project is building automatically. In workbench bar project->build automatically if not ticked then tick it. you can go for project clean. I hope this works if you have proper installation of JRE, and selected the proper check of windows->preferences->installed jre.

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