Obtener rutas de entrada totales en Hadoop Reducer

I still cannot figure out how to get the total number of input paths in hadoop. I've saw Obtenga el recuento total de rutas de entrada en Hadoop Mapper, but don't understand. I just want to know that, how many files in the input path...Any help, please?

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Like i said towards the end of my answer in the referenced question, if you're using v0.20.203+ of hadoop, then you can query the configuration property mapreduce.input.num.files

long inputFiles = context.getConfiguration().getLong('mapreduce.input.num.files');

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But, why I always get 1?int N = (int) context.getConfiguration().getLong("mapreduce.input.num.files", 1); It seems that such a property doesn't exists? - Kinka

¿Qué versión de hadoop estás usando? - Chris White

It is v0.20.2, is it the problem? - Kinka

0.20.2 is not 0.20.203+, that's why it doesn't work. If you are using files which are compressed with gzip and an input format such as TextInputFormat, then mapred.map.tasks will most probably give you the number of input files. - Chris White

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