¿Cómo obtener el controlador actual para una URL en Rails?

I'm using this code to highlight currently active menu tab with Twitter Bootstrap:

  def nav_link_to(link_text, link_path, options = nil)
    class_name = current_page?(link_path) ? 'active' : ''

    content_tag(:li, :class => class_name) do
      link_to link_text, link_path, options

This of course makes the link active, only if the given link IS the current page. How can I change this function, such that it would return 'active' for any links below current controller? In other words, for all actions for Posts controller, the links would be active?

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Puedes usar controller_name to get the name of the current controller.

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Yes, but the question was - how do I check that a link or URL belongs to some controller - this is what the code is about. - Halcón

You don't. But you can just use it manually: link_to 'posts', posts_path, :class => params[:controller] == 'posts' ? 'active' : '' - rfunduk

You could, like, regex it... :class => path =~ params[:controller] ? 'active' : ''... but that's seems gross to me. - rfunduk

Guides recommend to use controller_name en lugar de params[:controller]. - jdoe

using controller_name and/or action_name are the usual way to solve this problem - sist.

This could be solved with:


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params[:controller] returns controller name with its namespace.

If you want to get controller name only you should use controller.controller_name.

class Admin::Posts; end

# from the view
=> 'admin/posts'

=> 'posts'

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Not sure if I read this correctly, but you shouldn't use a get param to see the current controller.

¿Has probado usar request.path ? In other words, check if any of the links below include 'request.path' in their path...

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