Magento: ¿es posible obtener el procesamiento de tarjetas de crédito AVS y CSC?

I'd like to get credit card processing AVS and CSC results (pass/no pass, yes/no, etc.) printed on our invoice PDF, but I have no idea if they are available from Magento at all. I don't see it on the backend admin section under the sales orders.

I'm working on this file for the PDF invoice:


Is it along the lines of $order->getPayment()->...?


Payment gateway: Payflow Pro (by Paypal) - this is different from Paypal Express Checkout, where the buyer goes to to make a payment.

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Which payment gateway, and module do you use? A magento version number will also help here. -

print_r($order); and print_r($order->getPayment()); and see if you find what you are looking for. -

@B00MER: I updated the post. Please take a look. -

@Dreaded semicolon: how would I examine the array content of $order when I'm printing to a PDF? I supposed I could print array_keys() one by one to the PDF and find out which keys have which information, but is there an easier way to do this (like an arbitrary page I could load up with the order number, so I could just print_r() to the browser)? -

add die(); after print_r or use magento log. or write the results to a file. I usually do the die() one . it's not ideal but fast. -

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I think this should work , I found it using search for string AVS in magento paypal module


and paypal_cvv2_match / CSC?


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Hm, this is not returning anything. I'm examining $order->getPayment()->debug(), but I don't see any mentions of paypal_xxx. ['additoinal_information'] is empty. Do you know why it would there in the array but left empty? ['additoinal_information'] is populated if the order is paid via Paypal. The transaction in question was paid by American Express. - musica me levanta

American express processed by paypal right? this is set when paypal process the payment. if you search paypal_avs_code in magento paypal module, you ll see exactly where it is set. - Punto y coma temido

AmEx processed by Payflow (someone uses credit card directly on our site) shows an empty ['additoinal_information']. When someone uses Paypal express checkout (as in they go to, log on, and commit payment), ['additoinal_information'] is populated, but it is information that I don't need. I haven't been able to locate what I need yet.. I don't see it in $order->getPayment(), but I can't really believe that such information unavailable. - musica me levanta

Could you tell me where I need to look for the Payflow module? Maybe I can dig into the code and see what it's doing. - musica me levanta

It seems it records avs only if it found N (declined) response, but it should record cv2 if response is not Y. you can find this in core/Mage/Paypal/Model/Payflowlink.php function _processOrder particularly line 208 (in version 1.5) if ($response->getAvsdata() - Punto y coma temido

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