Animación de logotipos: no sé por dónde empezar

I'm trying to have a cool little animation for my logo when it first appears on my Android App screen.

I have completely no idea how I would implement this idea though, OpenGL, Make a video and import it into an activity, other options?

Esto es lo que me gustaría lograr: enter image description here

Step 1: Start the bottom line of the triangle Step 2: Start going up and back down and connect Step 3: Have my custom logo fade into the triangle

Am I going out of my way trying to learn how to do this, or am I better off just having my logo show up as an image?

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Es opengl-es since you're on android. -

Thanks. That at least points me in a general direction. I appreciate it. -

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Generally, there are two options:

  • You could do this programmatically. Use a time-based state machine to draw the triangle. If you're using an engine for android (andengine, libdgdx), there are abstractions to help you with the "infrastructure" code.

  • You could make up an animated model in a 3D modeling program, and export an animated mesh or a sequence of images.

Best just show an image for now, and put your time into the app itself.

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So, what's your take on the opengl-es. - EGHDK

Take any engine and go with it. - stefano hanke

Easiest to just create a GIF for me in this situation.

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