¿Alternativas ligeras de JTextPane?

I am working on simple Unix tail like utility (my first work in Java). There are a lots already available but none suit my specific requirements. I need additional log analysis help feature, config sharing, bookmark, edit, regex support and a bit more. The closest commercial product that I can relate to is bareTail.

I am almost through with implementation, but stuck on limitations with TextArea in Java. I cannot set different background color for lines in TextArea. Though I can do this in JTextPane, but it looks to be quiet heavy is there anything that's in between the two.

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JEditorPane might be the one which you are looking for. It supports custom highlighting and JTextPane extends JEditorPane

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Anything better ? I need not save it in HTML / RTF formatting. Just highlight with different back ground color in runtime. - Kamath

You want to set different background color for entire text component or only selected lines? - 18bytes

only selected lines..., say in a file with 100 lines, 10 lines are in blue and some 15 in red and so on, rest with out background color. - Kamath

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