Necesita aclaraciones para trabajar con Vistas en iOS [cerrado]

Ok, I'm learning programming for iOS with Stanford's online course on iTunes U (CS193P) but I can't exactly get a hold on how all the stuff from UIView works.

Could someone explain how the following things work cohesively and how I should use them?

CGContextRef CGContext(if they're not the same thing) drawRect awakeFromNib

Gracias de antemano!

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This isn't really a good question for SO. Please read the FAQ. You're asking for a general explanation of four different concepts. SO questions should be about single, specific problems. -

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es solo la referencia a



makes your view to draw (or redraw) itself at selected rect. Leer aquí. I never used it by myself, for me it was enough to do all work in viewWillAppear: y viewDidLoad:.

After all outlets and actions are connected, the nib loader sends awakeFromNib to every object in the nib. (C) Lea acerca de esto aquí.

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