¿Cómo hacer una implementación limpia en dev_appserver?

How to do a clean deployment into app-engine dev server?

I am using google app-engine java and command line tools (ant, ant runserver).

When I submit new request through chrome, I am getting response from my old code.

I am not sure where my old code was cached. Am I missing anything?

Checked following things,

  1. class file timestamp, ~\app1\war\WEB-INF\classes

  2. mapeo de servlets

  3. cache setting in jsp,

  4. I am not able to locate, compiled .class file for .jsp

other details,

  • app-engine java sdk 1.6.3.
  • JAVA_HOME=C:\glassfish3\jdk7
  • JRE_HOME=C:\glassfish3\jdk7\jre
  • chrome (latest)
  • Windows Vista

preguntado el 01 de julio de 12 a las 16:07

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Maybe you are running the application twice via a zombie process? check using netstat -o (in the command line) which process is holding the port and kill it or just reboot.

Respondido 01 Jul 12, 16:07

Many thanks. that was really helpful. yet don't know how I managed to run so many (30+) java processes. I used to kill dev_appserver, using ctrl+c. After killing all java processes, now I am able to access latest version of my app. - vi.su.

I have added a ant target to solve this issue, <target name="compile" depends="copyjars, kill-java-zombies" ... <target name="kill-java-zombies"> <echo>Killing all java zombies...</echo> <exec executable="taskkill"> <arg value="/IM"/> <arg value="java.exe"/> </exec> </target> ... - vi.su.

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