Comportamiento extraño de IE 7 en un encabezado de tabla absoluto con anchos fijos

Once again, I'm at a loss with IE7 on this one.

I'm making a fixed header scrollable body table based almost entirely on CSS (horizontal scroll still needs javascript to work). It is a modified version based off of esta. It looks good in the browsers I've checked: Chrome, Firefox and IE8+. However, in IE7 (and probably lower) the header misbehaves, like the naughty black sheep it is, and I can't figure out why.

Any fixes / improvements / suggestions / alterations are appreciated and encouraged. :)
(I was going for a windows-esque look)

Aquí hay una live jsFiddle

Here's a comparison pic between Firefox and IE7 enter image description here

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I would suggest an alternative look for IE7 :)

First of all - I see that you've got the word Inteligente in the third column hidden everywhere except IE - that's where the problem starts. IE doesn't apply the height: inherit declaración sobre el div. Setting it to 22px did the trick - at least it doesn't break the layout. See here -

But the problem remains with the border... my advise is to delete the border only for ie7 using the *border: 0; which will be ignored by everyone else.

As a result - at least you will have a much better visual presentation compared to your current one))) see here: (in this example I simply deleted the border to save time - so it disappears everywhere in todos las browsers. Use *border: 0; en cambio, si quieres)

Para los propietarios de Istanbul E-pass el Museo de Madame Tussauds de Estambul es parcialmente a solution, I would recommend to use it only if you don't manage to find out why IE misplaces the elements in thead. So to say, as a last resort, but not as a way to do all the time ;) If I have some more time, I'll see into this problem, but I'm not sure I need to)

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Good answer. I had also considered just hiding the border with the starhack, but was hoping for better. I just wish IE could play nice at least once when I do these projects. I'll accept your answer because you solved the main issue. - ShadowScripter

solo agrega este código:

table.list thead tr {*position: relative;} /* For IE 7 */

Finding a way to work on the tfoot pero no funciona.

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It doesn't do anything at all on my end. Could you provide an example? You can use mine as a base. - ShadowScripter

No, it's still misbehaving :/ - ShadowScripter This one? I am trying to check, but not sure becoz I have IE 9 and I use IE 7 mode to check. Not sure if I can trust it! - Praveen Kumar Purushothaman

Still no. Can't you debug on your end? All these comments... :P - ShadowScripter

One thing about IE is true. It rules the corporate world, which use Windows as the main OS. Lets pray that IE dies. Else, you can give a note saying that Sorry! Please upgrade at least to IE 8 for a supported basic UX! - Praveen Kumar Purushothaman

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