Google Maps v3 solo muestra un cuadro gris

I have been building a google maps integration into my site, and the code I have works perfectly in just a plain html page on its own, but when I put it in the website it is intended for, all that appears is a grey box, with map y satellite buttons at the top, and the google logo with map data y terms of use at the bottom. The navigation buttons don't come up (zoom, move and street view). Does anyone know what could be causing it?

Este es el código que estoy usando:

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works on ff 11 after copy & paste from jsfiddle into html document. Check on other browsers , inspect console and network tab in developer tool (opera,chrome) or in firebug look for js errors -

Well that Fiddle works beautifully, so it must be something else. Are you creating a hidden map and then revealing it? -

works in all browsers, just not on my site -

@AndrewLeach Nope, there are no extra styles being applied to or scripts manipulating it -

Can't help with something that works, though. You'll need to provide something which demonstrates the failure. -

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using CSS Rule:

div {
    overflow: hidden;

replaced with a more targeted overflow rule

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