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I have a problem using screen. I know that the screen session works while the main process works, but how can I keep alive this session? I need this because there are some child processes are killed when session is shutting down.

How I start a session:

-A -m -d -S test  mytestapplication

Maybe I need to start the child processes outside of the screen session, but how? Maybe I need to set screen to keep the session alive until all processes inside have been shut down, but how?

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I'm not sure I totally understand your question. If you want to prevent screen from terminating automatically once all of its child processes have exited, you can set the zombie command in your configuration file (either system-wide or in your home directory), e.g.:

zombie KR

This will prevent windows with finished processes from closing automatically and keep the screen session alive indefinitely. The first character (K) siguiendo el zombie command invocation then kills the current window of a finished process, while the second character (R) attempts to restart the associated process. Given that you're running screen with the -d y -m flags, you'll obviously need to attach to the session with screen -r or -R.

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