¿Cómo rompí: método ->: eliminar

i refactored my entire application and gave it a whole new design. The one thing that seems to be broken is all the original link_to methods I had which were :method => :delete are now getting sent as a GET request.

The only thing I did that I can remember that might cause it is delete jquery-rails from the gemfile (I'm just getting it from google ajax).

Does anyone have any other ideas what I could have deleted?

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Sure, you are right, the :method => :delete needs jquery to work.

you have to add the jquery_ujs file to your application layout, and that comes with jquery-rails. You can also install it separately.


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I'm using jquery in the footer with this <script src="ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"tipo =" texto / javascript "> - Chico alto

then I suggest you open the web developer tools ( firebug, or ctrl + shift + i under chrome/safari) to see what the exact error message is . - Siwei

there is no error, at all. it just sets it as GET. and all my other javascripts wrok fine - Chico alto

no, just jquery 1.7.2 from google. but i just checked my old one and that didnt have jquery-rails on there either - Chico alto

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