¿Cómo obtener la ubicación del bloqueo de mi aplicación?

My operating system is Windows 7 on x64.

I am trying using a map file on my MFC application that I just simply made, that will crash when I click a CButton.

This map file says "Preferred load address is 00400000" and visual studio debugger says the crash location is 0x775015de, which seems to be too big and so very wrong.

This might be because somewhat I don't see the correct crash location.

It would be great if I can figure out what I'm missing.

Gracias de antemano.

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The crash may be caused by your program, but may be surfacing in a library that you don't use. For instance, many Windows APIs will crash if you pass them invalid or bogus parameters. -

Search for how to use visual studio for debugging. Hint: Press F5, look at the call stack tab, and hover your mouse over variables, once your program crashes and breaks into the debugger. -

Thanks for all the answers. I looked into the call stack tab and it's from ntdll.dll. Then how could I get the crash location I want? -

If you look up/down the call stack tab you should see a line with your code in it. You should also do some reading about breakpoints. ( Pressing F9 in your code will put a breakpoint which the debugger will stop the program at when execution reaches that point. ) -

As @reuben pointed out, the crash is probably in a libraries api. I've done this in the past for release builds, but recall it being rather painful. If you are looking for post-motormen debugging you might consider using a pdb file & minidumps. I believe I followed this when using the map file to debug: codeproject.com/Artículos/3472/… -

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toggle the break point and look at the call stack to see which function caused the program to crash if possible.

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