Cualquier trabajo en Scala que sea similar a WebSharper

I was reading some articles from here:, about having all the source code in F# that would then compile to generate the javascript, so it can do asynchronous calls back to the server, and the server-side code, with the advantage that everything was strongly typed before anything was generated, and the client-side is always kept in sync with the server-side, since both are generated at the same time.

There is this blog also, that gives a bit more information.

If F# can generate this, I am curious if anyone has worked on having Scala do this also.

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  • more or less working should be:

scalagwt: but this goes through the gwt tool chain.

  • more in line withou your request but a prototype is:

play2.0 with DSL scala for validation that compiles to JS:

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I will play with this framework and see what I think, thank you. I am not crazy about it having to compile to Scala, and I am thinking that there may be a better approach, as I really like the F# approach, as all the coding is done in F#, so you automatically get the strong typing, and you can have functions that can work on the client or server-side, and where you have to have client code you can't accidentally put server functionality. - James Black

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