Firebug no actualiza el caché en JavaScript modificado

Firebug no actualiza el caché en JavaScript modificado when debugging JavaScript code under script section of Firebug. It's still showing & executing old JavaScript code which I wrote 1 to 2 hours back.

La versión de Firefox es la 13.0.1.
Firebug 1.9.2.

Could anybody please suggest me how to overcome this issue? Or anyway of clearing JavaScript cache under Firebug?

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How are you clearing the cache? Usually cntrl+F5 should clear the cache. -

I have found the solution. Problem was Firefox caching my JavaScript file though I have remove original JavaScript file from source. Removing Firefox browser cache solved my problem. -

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When I've had this problem, I've usually restarted Firefox (close, open again), but clearing the cache using ctrl+F5 has worked too.

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Cuidado con eso ctrl+F5 doesn't really clear the cache but is Reload (override cache). Things loaded e.g. with XMLHttpRequest or RequireJS will not magically override the cache. Instead, Firebug Net Panel's Option Menu has a "Disable Browser Cache" option. (But beware, it disables the cache for all sites until it is re-enabled by you again). - Peter V. Morch

Tuve Deshabilitar la caché HTTP (cuando la caja de herramientas está abierta) in the firebug settings pane checked and it always forgot to update the debugger tab (the Inspector showed the actual content). When I disabled this option in firebug, ctrl+F5 worked again. Super annoying :-) - Xan-Kun Clark-Davis

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