Ver Flipper: ¿Tiempo de compilación o tiempo de ejecución?

In view flipper if we specify 10 imageviews as the child, are the image views loaded to the viewflipper at runtime ? Or it is like at build time, the view flipper is inflated and the image views are populated in a array of sort and the array is used at run time ?

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I think imageviews are added at build time.

Puedes probar esto ...

  • Make 10 image view and make height of ViewFlipper to wrap content
  • now fix the height of first 9 image view to say 50dip, and for 10th image view use length of say 100 dip
  • You will notice that Vieflipper take the height of 100dip

That's is why, My perception is that it will load at build time. :)

Respondido 04 Jul 12, 07:07

If u have already defined it in XML then its build time. I say this due to XML are converted into objects when view is made.

Respondido 04 Jul 12, 08:07

So , in app widgets it is always at build time ? - Aquiles

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