¿Cuál es el mejor motor de vista ASP.NET MVC? [cerrado]

Till ASP.NET MVC 3, Microsoft uses ASP.NET View Engine for MVC. henceforth they changed it to maquinilla de afeitar.

Yet, there are many other view engines such as:

  • Spark
  • NHaml
  • SharpDOM
  • Azulejos afilados
  • Golpes de ala
  • string-template-view-engine-mvc
  • Bellevue
  • candaliza
  • Jasico
  • NDjango
  • ...

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre estos?

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There is no such thing like "best" view engine. Each of them has their own advantages and problems. If you really want to know which of theses is best suitable for you, then you have to try them. We can't tell you which one to choose beacuse our perception is biased on our unique experience :)

Respondido 04 Jul 12, 07:07

I'm asking this to understand the advantages - Nasser Hadjloo

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