Deshabilitar la función de exportación en openerp 6.1.1 para usuarios

I am using OpenERP 6.1.1. I wish to disable import/export feature in the sidebar for some of my users.

I tried various things but unsuccessful.

Por favor recomiende. Gracias.

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You just need a solution or need a correct solution? Because the solution I found is to edit the base code. -

Presently I do not have any solution so any workaround would be fine. But yes, modifying the base code should be the last resort. Please suggest. Thanks in advance. -

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You have to create a group without access to the object ir.exports Assign that group to the users you don't want to be able to export (Be sure those users don't belong to any other group that has access to that object)

Respondido 06 Jul 12, 11:07

This is not a correct solution and also I haven't tried. You have to edit the base code. Goto openerp > addons > web > static > src > js there is a file called view.js Now goto the line number 811, there you can see something like

this.add_section(_t('Other Options'), 'other');
    this.add_items('other', [
            label: _t("Import"),
            callback: view.on_sidebar_import
        }, {
            label: _t("Export"),
            callback: view.on_sidebar_export

try commenting this code in that file. Note: This is not the correct solution and I will not prefer editing the base code.

Respondido 05 Jul 12, 17:07

it worked for me though i couldn't do it on user bases but still. Also this works on web client only, but its fine with me. Thanks for your help. - Hola Mundo

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