Reconstruyendo índices en Mongodb

Estoy leyendo sobre Mongodb's indexes for my Mongodb project

I am well aware that inserting data into a traditional relation database would cause a large slow down if the table was very large as the indexes are rebuilt.

If I choose to add indexes to Mongodb collections: Is rebuilding an index in Mongodb roughly as expensive as rebuilding an index in a traditional relational database? or does the fact that it uses a B-Tree for indexing improve rebuild time?

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In MongoDB, as in other RDMBS, once you build an index, subsequent inserts, deletes, and updates will be slowed down.

The process of rebuilding is handled by MongoDB itself, but you can force a manual rebuild using db.myCollection.reIndex().

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Rebuilding an index is just as expensive in Mongodb.

Note: traditional databases also use B-Trees.

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