No se puede cargar el script node.js en openshif

I have a simple script called countries.js under routes folder in my application. It fails to start because this line in index.js

 var countries = require('./countries'); 

locally everything works ok. how do I load my own scripts in openshift? files structure :

\ public
\ views
\ routes
   \ index.js
   \ countries.js
\ package.json
\ server.js 

¿algunas ideas?

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What does your server.js look like - are you launching your application from there? -

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I can't say I've ever used openshift. You might try adding the .js extension in your require statement. If that doesn't work and I was faced with your dilemma I would try the following, which should work on any platform, albeit it is a bit explicit.

var path      = require('path'),
    countries = require(path.resolve(path.join('.','countries.js')));

If that still doesn't work I'd suggest you start asking your hosting provider questions.

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