Clasificación Colección de objetos

Tengo esta clase:

public class Myclass
    public int id;
    public string name;

And Collection:

Collection<Myclass> myCollection = new Collection<Myclass>();

How i can sort this collection by id in place????

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Do you actually need to use Collection<T> ? Can you switch to List<T> en lugar de ? -

how they differ? List<T> are better? -

Porque Collection<T> no tiene el Sort() método, mientras List<T> lo hace... -

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Make your class implment IComparable, and define

int CompareTo(MyClass other)
    return Id.compareTo(other.Id);

Then any standard sort functions can be used.

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Linq is the most straightforward way

var sorted = (from my in myCollection orderby select my).ToList();

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Do like this with lambda expreesion:

myCollection.Sort((a,b) =>;

Si su clase implementa IComparable<T> de la siguiente manera:

public class Myclass : IComparable<Myclass> {
   public int id;
   public string name; 

    public int CompareTo(Myclass myClass) {
        return id.CompareTo(;

Then, you directly can call Sort() método:


I have used myCollection as for you but indeed it do not have Sort() method....Instead, you can make your myCollection to List so that list can use Sort() método.

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@AlexF: Actually this answer is not completely accurate. If you use the first line you don't need to change MyClass (i.e. no need to implement IComparable<>). Instead, if MyClass implementos IComparable<> like in the last code snippet, you can use directly myCollection.Sort() without any lambda expression. Finally, Collection<> no tiene metodo Sort(); List<> lo hace. - DigEmAll

@digEmAll: you are right! I decided to use List<T> in my project, thanks to you! I do not know why, but I thought that the collection is better than a list, but it turned out the opposite - alex f

Collection<Myclass> ss = new Collection<Myclass>();
var ordered=ss.OrderBy(s =>;

now order will be a list of MyClass object order by the ID

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I suggest you to use List instead of Collection. For sorting you can use Linq operator OrderBy.

List<Myclass> items = new List<Myclass>();
// Add items here

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Collection myCl= new Collection();

var res = myCl.OrderBy(mc=>mc.Id).ToList();

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